November 28th KLUG Meeting

At this weeks KLUG meeting Paul demonstrated the new Tails 3.3 distro installed on a USB thumb drive with a persistent and encrypted file system.  We watched a short TED Talk video: where we were introduced to the “DeepWeb”.

Using the Tor browser built into Tails we learn more about visiting the Deep Web at:

Browsing to an index of the Deep Web at: http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion  we were able to easily navigate to some of the sites on the Deep Web.

I will be working on creating an Deep Web server using the same Tails distro with nginx web server installed on a USB thumb drive and demonstrating at a future meeting.


Introduction to password managers, Presented by Scott Cleveland

Password Management
Are you securing your passwords?

Do you use the same 5 (or less) passwords for all your websites?

You know you need to do better for your online information.

Come to KLUG Tuesday October 3rd for an introduction to password managers.

Keep all your important passwords secure, available and on you at all times.


Overview of why you need a password manager and the danger of using the same password for multiple sites.

The potential problem of using Google or Facebook login for multiple sites – oath

The current best solution to the problem – password managers

How easy it is to have random passwords for every site

Live demonstration of LastPass and 1Password

Last-pass – has a free version and it works on ANY system or smart phone.

This will be a live demo on Linux, iOS, and Mac.

Discussion on how password managers can be a part of a practical disaster recovery plan:

Concept of giving a trusted party the location of a paper backup so loved ones can sort out your affairs if the worst should happen.

Picking a master password.

Total presentation 1h to 1h 15min

Q&A session 15 – 30 min

July 25 2017 KLUG Meeting with R Wolf

Rafael Wolf of Express IT Solutions, LLC gave the Kalamazoo Linux Users Group a very technical and enlightening presentation in the use of the Raspberry Pi as a secure remote access solution.  Using his creative solution only port 80 need be open for establishing an SSH connection.

Computing, Freedom and Privacy

Kalamazoo College Departments of Physics and Mathematics/Computer Science sponsored a discussion on computing, freedom and privacy led by world renown “Free Software” activist and a member of the Internet Hall of Fame Dr. Richard Stallman.

Dr. Stallman gave an articulate and passionate talk on GNU (GNU is Not Unix), GPL (General Public License), and FSF (Free Software Foundation).

GPL (General Public License)

The central idea of copyleft is that we give everyone permission to run the program, copy the program, modify the program, and distribute modified versions—but not permission to add restrictions of their own. Thus, the crucial freedoms that define “free software” are guaranteed to everyone who has a copy; they become inalienable rights.

FSF (Free software Foundation)

“Our mission is to preserve, protect and promote the freedom to use, study, copy, modify, and redistribute computer software, and to defend the rights of Free Software users.”

“Yoda’s aphorism (“There is no ‘try’”) sounds neat, but it doesn’t work for me. I have done most of my work while anxious about whether I could do the job, and unsure that it would be enough to achieve the goal if I did. But I tried anyway, because there was no one but me between the enemy and my city. Surprising myself, I have sometimes succeeded.

Sometimes I failed; some of my cities have fallen. Then I found another threatened city, and got ready for another battle. Over time, I’ve learned to look for threats and put myself between them and my city, calling on other hackers to come and join me.

Nowadays, often I’m not the only one. It is a relief and a joy when I see a regiment of hackers digging in to hold the line, and I realize, this city may survive—for now. But the dangers are greater each year, and now Microsoft has explicitly targeted our community. We can’t take the future of freedom for granted. Don’t take it for granted! If you want to keep your freedom, you must be prepared to defend it.” – Richard Stallman …

Free GNU/Linux Distros:

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