About KLUG

KLUG is organized as a Michigan Non-Profit Corporation (501(c)(03)) and any donations of money or property is fully tax deductible.  KLUG also strives to derive income from other sources, such as, Google Ads, Affiliate marketing, a Cafepress store, and through the sale of adds on our website.

The Kalamazoo Linux User Group exist to inform, educate, and promote the use of “Open Source” technology for the benefit and enjoyment of the general public.  We hope to provide both physical and virtual meeting spaces to further these goals.

Please goto the “RSVP Calendar” tab to find out about any future KLUG meetings, events, and locations.  Membership in the Kalamazoo Linux User Group is “FREE”, but encourage donations of any kind and amount to support our cause.  Please submit your contact information on the “Contact” form to request membership.


www.opensource.org     www.gnu.org     www.fsf.org     www.python.org


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