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Computing, Freedom and Privacy

Kalamazoo College Departments of Physics and Mathematics/Computer Science sponsored a discussion on computing, freedom and privacy led by world renown “Free Software” activist and a member of the Internet Hall of Fame Dr. Richard Stallman.

Dr. Stallman gave an articulate and passionate talk on GNU (GNU is Not Unix), GPL (General Public License), and FSF (Free Software Foundation).

GPL (General Public License)

The central idea of copyleft is that we give everyone permission to run the program, copy the program, modify the program, and distribute modified versions—but not permission to add restrictions of their own. Thus, the crucial freedoms that define “free software” are guaranteed to everyone who has a copy; they become inalienable rights.

FSF (Free software Foundation)

“Our mission is to preserve, protect and promote the freedom to use, study, copy, modify, and redistribute computer software, and to defend the rights of Free Software users.”

“Yoda’s aphorism (“There is no ‘try’”) sounds neat, but it doesn’t work for me. I have done most of my work while anxious about whether I could do the job, and unsure that it would be enough to achieve the goal if I did. But I tried anyway, because there was no one but me between the enemy and my city. Surprising myself, I have sometimes succeeded.

Sometimes I failed; some of my cities have fallen. Then I found another threatened city, and got ready for another battle. Over time, I’ve learned to look for threats and put myself between them and my city, calling on other hackers to come and join me.

Nowadays, often I’m not the only one. It is a relief and a joy when I see a regiment of hackers digging in to hold the line, and I realize, this city may survive—for now. But the dangers are greater each year, and now Microsoft has explicitly targeted our community. We can’t take the future of freedom for granted. Don’t take it for granted! If you want to keep your freedom, you must be prepared to defend it.” – Richard Stallman …

Free GNU/Linux Distros:

KLUG Annual Holiday Party 2016

The Kalamazoo Linux User Group was very pleased to welcome Kalamazoo’s native son, Matt Crampton, to our holiday party.  Matt co-founded KLUG in 1998, and as a rising star in the Silicone Valley, he co-founded Gigwalk in 2010.  He currently serves as Gigwalk’s CTO.

Gigwalk is an innovative addition to the “Sharing Economy” where Gigwalkers can earn extra income using a mobile app on their smartphone and performing “Gigs”. Follow this link to a Wall Street interview Matt gave explaining the whole concept:

Those who attended our annual holiday party were very impressed with Matt’s accomplishments and his willingness to share his journey with us. We also had Erbellie’s Pizza and Pasta salad and, of course, our usual Raspberry Pi and Banana Pi from The Crew Restaurant






Matt’s talk to the Kalamazoo Linux Users Group.


Annual KLUG Holiday Party

Kalamazoo Linux Users Group will hold our annual holiday party on December 27 from 6:00 P.M. – ?  This year the party will be held at the new Kalamazoo Makers Space:  – Pizza, salad, dessert and non-alcoholic beverages will be served.  Please RSVP so, we may order adequate provisions.

Annual Pi Party – Aug 16th

All things Pi and more mini computing innovations will be on display.  You will be able to have a hands on experience with everything on display and we hope to have some special demonstrations and speakers here for a fun and informative event!

Banana Pi

Banana Pi




Beagle Bone Black

Beagle Bone Black

In addition to the technology on display the Kalamazoo Linux Users Group will be providing Pizza Pi and refreshments and other goodies!


Be sure to RSVP because space is limited!


Attendees: Paul Moreno, Matt Collin, Bob Snyder, Lynden Kirk,  Al Hollaway, John Wagner, Mark Hartmann, Bill Lindemann  and Jim Strickland.

photo3We had a few new Linux enthusiast attend KLUG’s Jun 22nd meeting, billed as a “Raspberry Jam”. We demonstrated the Raspberry Pi B model, the NOOBS installation process, and the OpenElec xbmc operating system … streaming video, music, pictures, and Internet live broadcast. We also discussed ideas on growing KLUG membership and holding quarterly Raspberry Jams for members to show off there open source projects. Pizza and beverage were served, but the best part was the Raspberry Cream Pie from The Crew Restaurant!






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