Introduction to password managers, Presented by Scott Cleveland

Do you use the same 5 (or less) passwords for all your websites? You know you need to do better for your online information. Come to KLUG Tuesday October 3rd for an introduction to password managers. Keep all your important passwords secure, available and on you at all times. Agenda: Overview of why you need […]

KLUG Meeting Dec. 13th 2016

The group remoted into the ClearOS server that we are setting up for our network lab.  Working from a terminal on a Linux laptop we used the SSH protocol and learned the how to login remotely.  We then created group and user accounts using command line tools.  We will be expanding the network in future […]

FLOSS Presentation

Scot Henderson made another great presentation at our weekly KLUG meeting.  The topic, FLOSS or Free Libre Open Source software was very interesting and informative.  We learned the difference between Free and non-free software in the GNU/Linux world.  Scot introduced us to vrms (virtual Richard M Stallman); … an apt that will detect any […]

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