Introduction to password managers, Presented by Scott Cleveland

Password Management

Are you securing your passwords?

Do you use the same 5 (or less) passwords for all your websites?

You know you need to do better for your online information.

Come to KLUG Tuesday October 3rd for an introduction to password managers.

Keep all your important passwords secure, available and on you at all times.


Overview of why you need a password manager and the danger of using the same password for multiple sites.

The potential problem of using Google or Facebook login for multiple sites – oath

The current best solution to the problem – password managers

How easy it is to have random passwords for every site

Live demonstration of LastPass and 1Password

Last-pass – has a free version and it works on ANY system or smart phone.

This will be a live demo on Linux, iOS, and Mac.

Discussion on how password managers can be a part of a practical disaster recovery plan:

Concept of giving a trusted party the location of a paper backup so loved ones can sort out your affairs if the worst should happen.

Picking a master password.

Total presentation 1h to 1h 15min

Q&A session 15 – 30 min

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