KLUG: July 10, 2018 – Virtualization Servers

Special thanks to Kareem S who led the group through an overview of virtualization servers including hardware considerations, hypervisors, real-world usage, and the consideration of budgets when meeting purposes. More »

July 25 2017 KLUG Meeting with R Wolf

Rafael Wolf of Express IT Solutions, LLC gave the Kalamazoo Linux Users Group a very technical and enlightening presentation in the use of the Raspberry Pi as a secure remote access solution.  Using his creative solution only port 80 need be open for establishing an SSH connection. www.eitsonline.com More »

Computing, Freedom and Privacy

Kalamazoo College Departments of Physics and Mathematics/Computer Science sponsored a discussion on computing, freedom and privacy led by world renown “Free Software” activist and a member of the Internet Hall of Fame Dr. Richard Stallman.  http://internethalloffame.org/inductees/richard-stallman Dr. Stallman gave an articulate and passionate talk on GNU (GNU is Not Unix), GPL (General Public License), and More »

Home Built NAS Server Presentation

Kevin Quiggle gave a great presentation on his “Home Built” NAS server at our Jan. 24th Meeting.  The system featured an AMD motherboard with 16 Gb of RAM, three sets of mirrored SATA hard drives, NAS4Free and the ZFS file system. For more details of this build goto: https://sites.google.com/site/ More »

KLUG Annual Holiday Party 2016

The Kalamazoo Linux User Group was very pleased to welcome Kalamazoo’s native son, Matt Crampton, to our holiday party.  Matt co-founded KLUG in 1998, and as a rising star in the Silicone Valley, he co-founded Gigwalk in 2010.  He currently serves as Gigwalk’s CTO. Gigwalk is an innovative addition to the “Sharing Economy” where Gigwalkers More »

KLUG Meeting Dec. 13th 2016

The group remoted into the ClearOS server that we are setting up for our network lab.  Working from a terminal on a Linux laptop we used the SSH protocol and learned the how to login remotely.  We then created group and user accounts using command line tools.  We will be expanding the network in future More »

Security Risk Assessment

Scott Mischke has arranged for a presentation by the Director of Information Security at MPI Research, Randy Slain, on security risk assessment “best practices”, especially as a precursor to qualification in the pharmaceutical industry;  common challenges they face with security. identifying vulnerabilities and conducting due diligence audits to mitigate risks. The presentation will begin at More »

FLOSS Presentation

Scot Henderson made another great presentation at our weekly KLUG meeting.  The topic, FLOSS or Free Libre Open Source software was very interesting and informative.  We learned the difference between Free and non-free software in the GNU/Linux world.  Scot introduced us to vrms (virtual Richard M Stallman); https://scottlinux.com/2014/02/19/find-non-free-software-installed-on-your-debian-machine/ … an apt that will detect any More »

KLUG Jan 5 2016 Meeting

Scott #3 demonstrated is big drone and flying skills at our first meeting of the new year.  He also demonstrated that he is as equally proficient at flying a mini drone that our group intends to print in the future using the 3D printer we are building. More »

KLUG MEETING OF TUESDAY, February 18, 2014, 7 TO 9PM

KLUG02-18-14Attendees: Paul Moreno, Johnny Dangerfield and Bill Lindemann.

Tonight is another general support meeting.  Installed Firefox Video Downloader and Player

Ant Video Downloader and Player

KLUG MEETING OF TUESDAY, February 11, 2014, 7 TO 9PM

Attendees: Paul Moreno, John Davidson and Bill Lindemann.

Tonight is another general support meeting.

KLUG 02-11-14

KLUG MEETING OF TUESDAY, February 4, 2014, 7 TO 9PM

Attendees: Paul Moreno and Bill Lindemann.


Tonight is another general support meeting.

We used the Tiger VNC viewer that comes installed standard on Korora 20 Linux OS to log in remotely to a Linux Mint 15 server using Vino VNC server.

We demonstrated Virtual Box which was installed on the remote server which had two virtual machines installed. An XP Pro and Windows 7 Ultimate.

We installed Skype on the Korora 20 machine and contacted Roger Miller via Skype in Apache Junction AZ.




KLUG MEETING OF TUESDAY, January 21, 2014, 7 TO 9PM

Attendees: Paul Moreno, Bill Lindemann and Andy Borka.

We tried to install Virtual Box in Linux Mint.

Remember to support the Kalamazoo Linux User Group by navigating to: www.kalamazoolinux.org and clicking the Google Ad.

KLUG 01-21-14

KLUG MEETING OF TUESDAY, January 14, 2014, 7 TO 9PM


Attendees: Paul Moreno, Bill Lindemann, Tom Phillips and Rick Knowlton.

Introduced Korora 20 Linux Distro.


KLUG 01-14-14

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