Imagine a world where open source never caught on, where no one thought it'd be a good idea to make source code available to anyone. In this episode, we imagine this bizarre possibility. And we celebrate the open source tools and methodologies that got us where we are today. Join us [...]
Tue, Mar 27, 2018
Source: RedHat
“There is no cloud. It's just someone else's computer.” Or server, to be exact. Big cloud providers offer a relatively easy way to scale out workloads. But what's the real cost? In this episode, we talk about the battle in the clouds, where any winner is still very much up in [...]
Tue, Mar 13, 2018
Source: RedHat
The rise of Container technologies opens a new frontier for developers, simplifying the movement of work from machine to machine. As Containers become more popular, though, a new battle emerges. This race is for the control of orchestration and involves the industry's fastest, strongest players. Containers are one of the most [...]
Tue, Feb 27, 2018
Source: RedHat
As the race to deliver applications ramps up, the wall between development and operations comes crashing down. When it does, those on both sides learn to work together like never before. But what is DevOps, really? Developer guests, including Microsoft's Scott Hanselman and Cindy Sridharan (better known as @copyconstruct) think about [...]
Tue, Feb 13, 2018
Source: RedHat
It's the turn of the 21st century. Open source software is changing the tech landscape. But new patterns of work have now become necessary. Developers search for a revolutionary approach that will allow open source development to flourish. A group of developers convenes at a ski resort in Utah to [...]
Tue, Jan 30, 2018
Source: RedHat
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