pirateboxFinally successfully loaded piratebox distro onto KLUG’s Raspberrypi!


Go figure … KLUG just acquired the Model B and already obsolete! We will have an introduction to our new Raspberry Pi B at our regular Tuesday evening meeting on July 15, 2014. Then at our July 22nd meeting we will have a pizza pie party with a Raspberry Jam session. If you300px-RaspberryPi plan on attending please RSVP on the Meetings page, so we can right size meeting room and pizza order! – Thanks




Dominik Bamberger
Just in time for Oktoberfest Season, we're pleased to announce that Dominik Bamberger has joined GitHub as our newest addition to the European Enterprise Support team! Dominik is based in Nuremberg, Germany, which geographically belongs to Bavaria, although true Bavarians say otherwise. Previously the Engineering Manager at SUSE Linux Customer Care, [...]
Fri, Oct 17, 2014
Source: Github
To bring more transparency and clarity to the processes surrounding the DMCA, we are rolling out three improvements to the way we process copyright takedowns: First, whenever possible, users will have a chance to fix problems before we take content down. Second, we will not automatically disable forks in a network based [...]
Thu, Oct 16, 2014
Source: Github
We're excited to announce a Patchwork hack night on Thursday, October 23rd 2014, co-hosted with our friends at CodeBase in central Edinburgh. No coding experience needed Patchwork is a hands-on workshop for learning Git and GitHub. Join us for a night of hacking and snacking and make some new friends while you're [...]
Wed, Oct 15, 2014
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10月20日に初のPatchwork Tokyoイベントをリクルートライフスタイルのオフィスにて開催します! 初心者大歓迎!/ Beginners welcome Patchworkでは完全参加型でGitとGitHubの勉強ができます。食べ物と飲み物も提供しますので、楽しく勉強する時間にしたいと思っています。 ワークショップでは、Pull Requestのマージ方法、Contributionの仕方等、オープンソースに参加するための基礎を共有します。 当日、勉強のサポート及び参加者の応援するメンターも募集しています! Patchwork is a hands-on workshop for learning Git and GitHub. Join us to meet new people over snacks and great discussion. Newcomers to Git and GitHub, you'll leave with a merged Pull Request, a square on your contributions graph, and confidence to get more involved in the [...]
Tue, Oct 14, 2014
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no touching
We've been including the containing branches and tags on commit pages to give you more context around changes. Now, commits in a repository's default branch will also show you the pull request that introduced them. In the pull request, you can see the discussion around why the commit was introduced, [...]
Mon, Oct 13, 2014
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